Second Chance Banking with Banks and Credit Unions in the USA

Welcome to Second Chance Banking USA. If you have been declined a regular checking account due to poor credit history, you are not alone! With the USA in a state of impending financial collapse, many people across all states are experiencing difficulties paying back loans, defaulting on home loans and more. The result of this is of course a bad credit history, which makes it significantly harder to obtain a checking / banking account at most financial institutions across the country. This is where a second chance account, or pre paid debit card comes in to play.

Prepaid Debit Card as an Alternative

Prepaid debit cards differ from credit cards in the sense that debit cards are immediately charged your own money from your account rather than loaning the money from the bank, and paying the balance back at a later date. Prepaid debit cards are great for people who struggle to get a regular checking account, as they allow access to cash via withdrawals at ATM’s and at shops when purchasing something.

If you are going to go for a prepaid debit card, it pays to choose a financial institution that is recommended and trustworthy.

What is a Second Chance Checking Account?

A second chance account is primarily an account for individuals who have previous credit issues. It is generally more limited than a normal checking account, however can offer similar functionality, like having an actual account, and access to a plastic Eftpos card that can be used in store, at the ATM to withdraw cash, and depending if a debit card is assigned, make on line purchases.

If you fall into any of the below circumstances, then a second chance bank account may be your best option.

  • Have known bad credit history
  • You are listed in ChexSystems
  • You are listed in Early Warning Services
  • Are unable to open a regular checking account at a local bank or credit union

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If getting a second chance bank account sounds like the right option for you, then check out our local state suggestions on banks and credit unions to apply with to obtain one of these accounts.

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